Ubuntu Server 18.04 and Webmin 1.9

webmin, ubuntu server

Hi folks, how are you doing.

Today I am glad to say that I was able to accomplish what I had in mind. Some of the hurdles included:

  1. Installing VirtualBox on mi Mac Mini.
    • I updated to Mac Mojave after the summer and I think Mojave looks cool, however, companies like Oracle make it difficult to integrate their software , especially if they do not upgrade as well. If you try to install Virtualbox on Mojave it will probably stop by the time it starts packet validation. The trick is to uninstall it using the uninstaller it comes along with and restart the Mac, also , make sure you allow it on System Preferences > Security. You can also look for any relevant logs on your mac on /var/log .. and then google them.
  2. Create a new Virtual Machine and Install Ubuntu Server
    • This was pretty straight forward.  You just follow the steps.
  3. Installing Webmin.

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