Troubleshooting Outlook Authentication issues

I have seen many people on my organization complain about Outlook asking constantly for credentials. Even I have seen it on my own computer along with the other warning.. Windows Security .. connecting to…  and then your email address, which you can´t do more than Cancel it so its not like you can do anything about it.

Scenario 1. You have saved your credentials and are working normally however if you update your password and log of and back on Outlook will not remember your credentials even if your select the remember my credentials checkbox.

Option 1. Install the latest updates for Office 2010 or Office 2013.

Option 2. Exit all Office programs  and remove from vault all previously saved credentials.

Option 3. Open Outlook in safe mode with the /safe switch. If in safe mode works, try disabling the add-ins associated with Outlook and Check. File – Options – Add-ins – Select Com Add-ins and in the Manage list in the Add-ins section and click Go – uncheck all add-ins and clic Ok.

Option 4.  Download and run the Office diagnostics tool

Option 5. Turn off Autodiscovery

Option 6 . Modify local group policy settings. Computer configuration – windows Settings – Security settings – Local Policies – Security options – Network security lan manager authentication level – choose «Send LM & NTLM – use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated» option.

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